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HI! Im still trying to find out what that word on top means, and sometimes im not very good at it. Im sure it goes above me laughing at your jokes and you laughing at mine right. Right. Right. If you dont know me much, i can tell you that im a guy who isnt very good at expressing how he feels and like most of the time doesnt even show how he feels at all, and isnt very good at talking. But im sure i can listen. Abit blur sometimes, when ill forget how to go to the place i went just 10 secs ago. But im sure you'll know everything abit me if you just hang out with me more! Well, so far i think i just got the right amount, the people who hang out with me not because im tall, but because im me.

i like you. cant believe i thought you had lvl 10 sarcasm.

My cell leader for 5 years and counting, you thought me something about frankness, you'll always be my bro, happy 21st . Buy you salad soon. Although your teacher mode is quite irritating, i like it alot.

Cell! Still alive and kicking.

You'll always be my popiah

Those times on the phone with you really made my day. And you're not a loser.

HAHAHAHAHA.  Its great that i met you.

And you too sarah! Will lend you $96 anyday.

And you all, my dear 1t36 friends

Sorry aaron you're like cut off from this photo but i really gotta tell you that im happy that im your friend! And i cannot find a way to repay you when you lent me your chinese dictionary ytd. Im so happy you're in my pw group, i should take a photo with you next time! And xin yi! My other pw groupmate! You are very responsible. I like you. And my chinese buddy also. I like you.

K friends, you think i got to know you all by chance. Of course not lah. Its about some guy up there. Oh ya, and ill give all of you the most precious thing i can give, my time.

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woah bro. really enjoy reading your posts leh. you take so much time to write the entry.

you'll always be my sneow. ahahahha

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