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2nd post.
Hey! You knew how it felt right, to kinda get woken up all of a sudden and feel all lethargic and shitty after that. You knew how it felt right, to see angry faces after you napped for abit. You knew how it felt right, to feel really tired of being tired, and just wanna lie down for abit. 

I mean you were there what, on that boat out at sea, even though the rain was heavy, napping . You were tired what. Of everything. You didnt even care about the heavy rain around you, didnt care of what people think. Then your best friends just had to wake you up, you must have felt as if you just got hit by a rocket. Maybe the first few words that came out of your mouth was what the heck. 

They were shouting for you to wake up, that the storm will destroy everything, like the storm will destroy anything.

I feel im pretty much like you there, just that i cant calm the storm. Thats why i wanna ask you to come into my boat, maybe even nap with me for abit. But its pretty cool huh! The guy whom even the winds and waves obey does normal stuff too. Like nap, and im sure he does it often. Thats what kept you going right?

Ahhh i know it might get abit boring or really wierd that i keep talking about you all the time, but how do i tell people that ive been there, or that youve been there, that i care, and you care, and know how we feel? 

ok! maths time.


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