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I guess its ok to stay calm when things happen that you dont really understand. Which makes you not know what to say, which makes you not know what to do, dont know what to feel.

But you know that things are'nt alright, and you start thinking about all the what ifs.

But you still stay calm, because you know hes here, here in the storm.

When you shout " Are you anywhere near!" , you hear the unmistakable voice:" I am. "

 Ahhhhhh but you dont feel it, definitely dont see if, but still you trust, trust that he knows it all, controls it all, because he is the great i am, everything else changes, but he is the same yesterday, today and forever.
Its ok not to understand right , i mean i dont think we'll understand even if he told us.

But what if the strongest thing to do is trust, trust not that things will go well,

But that his ways are always perfect.

And i shout again " Just where are you!"
"Just in the middle of it all."

And i want to give back this post to you my friend, and i hope that this might encourage you by one small bit.
And may you hear his voice, in the midst of all this, his voice in the stillness, because it is usually at these times where he speaks the most.............

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