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I wanna get away from here for awhile

I told myself I had to go on a holiday away from this world for while, maybe spend sometime up there. Sometimes it just sucks to stay here for too long.


 Took my keys, wore my cool new adidas shoes and made my way there. I’m sure they won’t mind me in my white singlet and dark blue boxers right. I wanted to see the man himself. Probably catch up or something.


And there I was, outside that ultimate huge gate that’s kinda glowing. Looked like the one at isaac’s house, just much bigger. I don’t know what to call it but some call it the gates of heaven. Looks locked to me.


And there he was, standing next to that huge gate. I think his name was Michael or was it Gabriel. Don’t know man. But he had brown curly hair, slightly tanned skin, really sharp nose, he wasn’t buff, but I could still see his abs, like poh will call it, durians. And he looks pretty fit. Maybe about Joshua yee standard. Got defined biceps also. AND HIS WINGS, were really really feathery and shiny. But I don’t dare ask him open show me. And he didn’t look like he was happy to see me at all. I got up close. HE’S TALLER THAN ME. Like I think 195. I wanted to ask him if he wanted to know my friend Gracelynn. But I don’t dare man. After he pao me with his wings or something.


I told him I wanted to see the man himself, at about my usual volume, and im sure he heard me. But he gave me an ass reply of “ you gotta be dead to be in here “. AND I SHOUTED BACK AT HIM THAT I PROBABLY WOULD BE IF HE DIDN’T LET ME IN.


SUDDENLY, I heard like the cranking of gears, and the door was opening! I could hear hillsongs and planetshakers in the background. And of course that Gabriel micheal whatever guy couldn’t believe it. And there HE was, probably about the same height as me, wearing Bermudas and slippers, but he was still pretty far away, I couldn’t see his face, and there was no one else, only me and him. I shouted as loud as I could “ HEY! ARE YOU THE GUY WHO CAN UNTIE KNOTS!”

I heard his soft whisper of “yes” from far away, which sounded like it was just next to my ear, which really made me wonder how he did that.


And so I poured my heart out to him. And god laughs at jokes too.



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Hahahaaha its just about me walking into heaven. No hidden meaning one.

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